As an outspoken child, Carey’s elementary school teachers were quick to put her up on stage so as to find an appropriate outlet for her projection abilities. Carey’s mother still loves to tell people how great it is to have her for a car-ride when she doesn’t feel like talking because all she has to ask is, “So, what’s new?” to send Carey on an hour-long monologue. It seemed perfectly predictable that this young woman’s career would take her in a direction where she is indeed in the spotlight. She is lucky enough to have a singing voice that demands the same kind of attention.

Growing up near New York City, theater and concerts were a constant in Carey’s early life. Dance and piano lessons began at age 7. From kindergarten on, Carey seized every performance opportunity that came her way. She began private voice lessons in 7th grade. In high school, Carey arranged and performed music for an all female a cappella group and sang in the madrigal choir and concert choirs. She also had parts in every musical that was put on. During her senior year, Carey was cast in her first professional theater role as Mary Magdalene in J.C Superstar with Musical Theaterworks USA in New Milford, CT. Carey attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, majored in Professional Music with emphasis on business, performance and teaching, and graduated with honors in 1999.  While in Boston, Carey worked as a substitute wedding band singer and became known as the on-call sub for 3 area bands.

She was cast in lead roles in multiple shows including “A Tribute to Judy Garland”, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, and “The Wiz”. She also began playing guitar and writing and performing her own songs, and did all of the booking for her band Syren. In the summer of 2005, Carey released her first CD independently and launched her website, . Later that year, Carey booked her first long-term professional gig and went on a northeast tour with world-renowned tenor Michael Amante as a backup singer and featured soloist. She shared a stage with incredible artists like Grammy award winning musical director, Herb Bernstein, Debby Boone, and Rosemary Clooney’s band. Performing in beautiful venues across the northeast was enough to remind Carey of what she really wanted- to be in her own spotlight and not behind someone else’s’. It was this gig that gave Carey the push she needed to give her career the chance she felt it deserved by moving to New York City.

Within her first year in the Big Apple, Carey headlined an 18 piece big band at Columbus 72- a swing dance club as well as at the legendary Rainbow Room. Singing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in such a prestigious venue was a dream come true for Carey and kept her plugging away, going to 2-10 auditions every week, just hoping to meet the one person who could make it happen for her. The following month, Phil Springer (composer of Santa Baby, Heartbroken, How Little We Know) discovered Carey and commissioned her to star in a one-woman movie musical based on his daughter’s compositions. After that, the gigs started to flow and Carey made some great connections in the recording world. Last month she made her debut at Carnegie Hall in the musical Mother Russia- which is set to tour in 2009 and go to Broadway in 2010. She spends most of her time now in the recording studio, singing vocal demos for people, as well as teaching her 18 private voice students.

Carey is still reaching for her stars on Broadway, having been called in for auditions and callbacks on many occasions, and knows that her day will come soon enough. Carey is currently working on a full length CD of her own originals, to be released in the spring of 2009. You can find Carey’s music on,,,, and many other websites. Carey is above all, passionate about her art- and loves nothing more than singing. She realizes how lucky she is to have a career that is fulfilling and rewarding, and genuinely appreciates all of the support she gets from her fans, friends and family. She is delighted to be in New York City, singing and playing with such outstanding musicians, and is happy to say that one thing she is sure of is that where there is music, there is love.